Silberra Ultima 200

Silberra Ultima 200 is a panchromatic black and white film from Silberra in Russia. You can find more information on this film from their website at: .

I picked up a roll of Ultima 200 and Pan 200 as rewards for backing them on their recent Indiegogo campaign and these shipped promptly. This was the only reward from the campaign that shipped promptly and all other rewards are supposedly still on the way. Such is the way with crowdfunding campaigns though.

I was excited to put this roll through my camera as I tend to really like medium speed (200 ISO) black and white film, with a special soft spot for Eastman XX (5222). When it came time to load the film in the tank though, I was shocked at how thin the film was. On the aforementioned page, they give you the actual number 0.06mm thick, but I glossed over that little detail. I had a very difficult time loading this roll and almost gave up on it. I developed it in Kodak XTol and was not disappointed at all. Even though I thought I had buckled this film in multiple places, there were no obvious issues with the developed negatives.

While I was loading that film, I was thinking about how to give away the Pan 200, but after seeing the results that I got with the Ultima 200, I think this film is well worth shooting, even as thin as it is.

Here are some of my results from an early evening of walking around Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome to Raleigh – Silberra Ultima 200 – XTol – Minolta XD-11
Happy and Hale – Silberra Ultima 200 – Kodak XTol – Minolta XD-11
Raleigh Post Office – Silberra Ultima 200 – Kodak XTol – Minolta XD-11
Downtown Lines – Silberra Ultima 200 – Kodak XTol – Minolta XD-11
No Turn on Red – Silberra Ultima 200 – Kodak XTol – Minolta XD-11
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