Monthly:March 2018

C-41 and Blix or C-41 with Separate Bleach and Fix?

Have you ever read something before and been left with a nagging feeling that what you read discounted what you knew and made you feel like you weren’t doing as good as you could? And then did you spend months trying to rationalize that what you were doing was just fine and didn’t need to be improved? If you have ever felt that way, then you’ll know how I felt when I first came across comparison statements made by a […]

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Shooting Large Format Film in Dallas

Over the years, my day job has taken me to a number of different places. As such, I have enjoyed the opportunity of getting to photograph a number of different places. Recently, I’ve been spending time in the Dallas metro area and this last time, I decided to take my large format camera along for the ride. Flying with large format film is definitely an adventure and one that I have now done on three separate occasions. In the United […]

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