FPP Infrachrome in the Land of Oz

This past September, I had the opportunity to visit the magical Land of Oz, a theme park in Western North Carolina that has been built to make you feel like you are on set of the classic MGM picture, “The Wizard of Oz“. Ever since reading about this park some 15 years prior, I’ve wanted to go visit and see what it was all about. Getting to go was exciting and while I had no idea what to expect, I’d say the visit was worth it for the production quality along the Yellow Brick Road alone. You really feel like you’re watching scenes from the movie play out right before your eyes!

So what type of film would be best to document this? Well, I took some trusty Provia and E100, but I also decided it was time to break out a very special film that I had received a few years ago, the FPP Infrachrome! This film is a color infrared film that is supposedly the same as Kodak Aerochrome and requires shooting with an orange or red filter. For my case, I picked the orange filter. I wish that I had had more roles of this film to test and really get the hang of the film, but I did manage to eek out some results from the Land of Oz. So enjoy these photos on Infrachrome that are really out of this world:

Glenda the Good Witch – Shortly after leaving Dorothy’s House – Minolta XD-11
Munchkin Land – Minolta XD-11
Dorothy and the Tin Man – Minolta XD-11
The Yellow Brick Road Leaving Munchkin Land – Minolta XD-11

While I’d love the opportunity to shoot more of this film and work out a better exposure, this film is currently not available, and the last time that it showed up in the FPP store, it sold for $60/roll, which is quite expensive! Therefore, this is probably my first and last role of FPP Infrachrome or Kodak Aerochrome and I was delighted to get to use it somewhere as fascinating as the Land of Oz!

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