C-41 Flexicolor Guide Now Available!

My guide to developing C-41 using Flexicolor chemistry at home can now be found at: https://www.kabbottphoto.com/c-41-with-kodak-flexicolor-at-home/

I intend to keep this guide updated and so I have made it a top-level page of this website. You’ll find a quick link to it in the menu.

Now to start writing the guide to mixing and using Kodak XTol!

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  1. Ah… perfect posted article!! Thank you. After heading into LF 4X5 this year – B&W to date, I’ve stocked some Kodak negative film, but not shot any as I’ve focused on getting B&W Ilford FP4 down with D-23 so far. Jobo man myself, C41 is soooo much easier, but I’ve been puzzled by how to get away from the BLIX as encouraged by the late great Ron Mowbrey and crew at Photrio. So this is a timely piece. Thank you!

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