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Manhattan at Night

New York City

I’ve made a decent amount of photography in New York City in the past year and haven’t shared any of it here at “No CF Card”, so here are a few images:
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Cowee Mountains Overlook

The Cowee Mountains Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway is very well known for being a highly photogenic spot, particularly at sunset as the overlook faces west. On a recent trip, I took my Crown Graphic and R3 out there in hopes of getting amazing light. On this trip, the light did not disappoint for two nights in a row! As Cowee Mountain Overlook is at 5,950 feet, you often get fog and/or weather and I’ve cert
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Summer in Duke Gardens

Recently I took a trip in the middle of the afternoon to Duke Gardens in Durham, NC. These are beautiful gardens, but in the middle of the afternoon in the summer, the sun is rather harsh and this presents a challenge to finding good light to photograph in. During these times, one must look for open shade and/or backlighting, and thankfully, Duke Gardens offers a lot of open shade and thus affords plenty of opportuni
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Cinestill 800T at the Morning Times – Raleigh

A few months ago I decided to try Cinestill 800T film, which is Kodak motion picture film with the remjet removed to make it possible to process in standard C-41. This film has some unique properties in that it is tungsten balanced and boasts being able to be pushed to ISO 3200. The high ISO is really what attracted me to Cinestill and so the first roll I shot at 3200 and developed in the Tetenal C-41 kit with a 3-st
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Why Large Format? Resolution.

As a photographer who uses large format film as a medium, I wanted to make a post about why I use large format film. There are a lot of reasons why 4×5 works best for me and I’ll have some subsequent posts that dig into this topic further. For this post, I wanted to demonstrate the resolution of 4×5 film. On my scanner, I only scan the film at 2400dpi, so I get roughly 100 megapixels per 4×5 scan
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Deco in Downtown Raleigh

Over the last few years, Downtown Raleigh has really started to grow up and a number of interesting and creative businesses have been emerging. In addition to that, some of these new businesses have been putting up really cool signs. The one that seems to always catch my attention is the Deco sign on West Hargett Street. Not too long ago, I was out photographing Raleigh with Wesley Duffee-Braun. As such, I was able t
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Charleston Marina

In addition to the Magnolia Gardens, I spent a little bit of time down at the public marina around sunrise. The image that I’m sharing now is one that I visualized in black and white, composed with the purpose of making it black and white and then ended up doing both black and white and color. When I saw the colors on the ground glass, I knew that I had to make this image in both black and white as originally s
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Magnolia Gardens in Bloom

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of traveling to Charleston, South Carolina and making a side trip to the Magnolia Gardens. If you ever go to Charleston, you should strongly consider making the trip to the Gardens. I took the Crown Graphic and my R3. The R3 was loaded with Kodak Portra and the Crown Graphic saw the use of Ektar 100 to record the beautiful early morning light in this wonderfully maintained low co
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Arthur Ravenel Bridge – Charleston, SC

Sunset in Charleston behind the Arthur Ravenel Bridge on Kodak Ektar 100 shot with the Crown Graphic and my 210mm f/6.1 Caltar lens. Reciprocity calculated with the Reciprocity Timer application.
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New Mexico: Aspen Vista Sunset

Continuing with the posts from New Mexico, I’d like to share an image that I made at Aspen Vista, north of Santa Fe. This image was made right after the sun dropped below the horizon and you can see the muted bands of color on the mountainside. To witness this sunset in person was very calming and it was my intention with this image to capture that calm.
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