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Kodak Vericolor 400

Back in October, I attended the Film Photography Project’s (FPP) one day meet up in Ann Arbor, MI. In addition to being a great event to meet other film photographers, the FPP put on a large giveaway. As part of that giveaway, I found myself in possession of some expired 120 film. The oldest film in the bag was a role of Kodak Vericolor 400 that expired in February 1993. As I don’t own any medium format c
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Sunrise over the Falls

I’ve been a little behind with clearing through my backlog, but I’m starting to get back on track. Of course, that just means that it’s time to take more pictures and build the backlog all over again. This was an image of Toxaway Falls taken on a trip this past fall to the North Carolina Mountains. Getting to watch the sunrise come up over this falls was fantastic and an experience I hope to enjoy a
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Rio Grande – October 2013

I’ve never really thought much of this image of the Rio Grande that I took back in October 2013. I made this image on the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge on US-64 just outside of Taos, New Mexico. In previous reviews of this collection of images, I focused on several other images, but looking back through this collection today, this one has struck a chord with me. The river flowing through the dark side of the image is
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Sunrise on Jane Bald

In April, I took a trip to the Roan Highlands that straddle Tennessee and North Carolina and was woefully unprepared for how cold the air at sunrise would be on Jane Bald. Certainly a note to myself to have cold weather clothing available for any sunrise at a high elevation at any time of the year! While I was up on Jane Bald, I was able to keep myself warm enough to operate my Crown Graphic and make a few large form
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14th Street Union Square Coffee Shop Bar

There has been a lot written about how old New York City is dying and being replaced with a gentrified sameness that’s similar to what we have in other parts of the country. It’s very true that there are lots of Starbucks, Home Depots, etc. in a lot of the more popular areas of the city and that more of the older businesses are indeed dying out. There are still a few older businesses with a lot of New Yor
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